Van Halen Destroys The 7th Floor Of The Madison Sheraton

Edward Van Halen

Edward Van Halen (Wiki Commons)

Rock bands have a history of being rowdy. Some more than others. And then there’s Van Halen.

One of the most popular and revered rock bands, Van Halen has a long and colorful history. With millions in album sales, sold out concerts, high profile band member feuds, a induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, a certified guitar hero, and a alpha male frontman. This is the norm for a band that celebrates the wild youth culture of America. They have a habit of destroying similar bands with ease. They also destroyed the 7th floor of the Madison Wi. Sheraton Inn during a concert stop in 1978.

After returning from well received performances by both the band and the headlining act Journey at the Orpheum Theater the evening of March 8th, 1978, Van Halen trashed the 7th floor of Madison’s Sheraton Inn. Van Halen returned back to the hotel after the show and decided it needed some custom renovation. They took it upon themselves to do so. Band members glued people’s door knobs shut and put Vaseline on the door knobs so they could not be turned, lamps were drummed to pieces, smashed hotel room mirrors, bathroom doors removed, fire extinguisher fights and TV’s, furniture, toilet seats, and telephones thrown out the windows.

If you ever read the liner notes to Van Halen’s 1979s “Van Halen II” you’ll notice they thank the 7th floor of Madison’s Sheraton Inn.

Oh,and they blamed it all on Journey.

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