Unidentified “Little Lord Fauntleroy” Found Murdered In 1921


The identity of a young boy found in 1921, beaten and drowned in a Waukesha rock quarry, remains a mystery ninety four years later.

Early March in 1921 was probably a lot like any typical late Winter/early Spring in Wisconsin. The cold Winter air still making its presence felt but with wisps of Spring slowly but surely taking over prominence. Wisconsin, and America in general, was in the Roaring Twenty’s era. Automobiles were rising in ownership well on their way of becoming the transportation of choice for the average American. Eddie Cantor topped the Billboard charts with his recording of “Margie.”  Warren G. Harding was inaugurated as the 29th President of The United States of America on March 4th, 1921.

However, Wisconsin faced a tragic discovery on March 8th, 1921 that broke its tranquility. The remains of a young boy were found in a pool of water on the grounds of the old O’Laughlin Stone Company on highway 164 in Waukesha.

The young boy, who’s age was estimated to be somewhere around 5-7 years, was found by a quarry worker floating in the water. The Medical Examiner later determined that the boy was a victim of a head wound by a blunt object before being thrown into the water and left to drown and had probably been dead for several weeks. There are also reports he was strangled but those remain unconfirmed. It was speculated that the boy came from a wealthy family, as he was otherwise healthy, well nourished, and was wearing expensive clothes. Due to his style of dress he was dubbed “Little Lord Fauntleroy.”

During the investigation a quarry worker reported that five weeks prior to the discovery of the body a weeping woman in a red dress and a man who peered out at the quarry had asked if anyone had seen a young boy. Up until the body was discovered no one had seen a lost boy and the couple left never to be heard from or seen again.

The investigation turned up little else and no one claimed to have known the boy. A local area funeral home displayed the body in the hope someone would come forward with information on the boy’s identity. No one ever did and he was interred in the Prairie Home Cemetery in Waukesha on March 17th. A local woman named Minnie Conrad raised funds for a proper headstone to give the young victim some dignity in death.

There are also reports that a veiled woman made several visits to the cemetery and placed flowers on the youngsters grave. It is very possible that if these reports are true, that the woman knew the youngster’s identity.

Years later it was speculated by Law Enforcement that the identity of unidentified “Little Lord Fauntleroy” was a young boy named Homer Lemay from Milwaukee who went missing around the same time. Homer’s Father claims his boy had been on a trip to Argentina and was informed by a newspaper account that his son had died in a car accident. According to Homer’s Father, a couple who went by the last name of Norton cared for the child there. Law Enforcement could not find the Nortons or even confirm they even existed.

Missing child Homer Lemay

Missing child Homer Lemay

Was “Little Lord Fauntleroy” actually Homer Lemay? or was he another child who met a tragic end? Ninety Four years later the same questions remain and no one is any closer to “Little Lord Fauntleroy’s” real identity.

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