Shoplifter Steals Whiskey And Fills Out Raffle Ticket,Wins A Trip To Jail.


Man steals liquor then fills out raffle ticket that leads to his arrest.

Hartford Wi. 2009,

A 20 year old shoplifter with a bottle of whiskey stuffed in his pants postponed his escape from a liquor store to enter a raffle for free admission to the Slinger Speedway before making a run for it, a criminal complaint says. Shawn M. Piering of Hartford was caught on the store’s security camera video hiding the bottle of whiskey in his clothing. Then he did something incredibly dumb.He stopped to fill out an entry to the store’s weekly raffle drawing for a free a ticket to a Slinger Speedway race according to Steve Jost,owner of B&S Liquor.

The raffle box had been emptied the previous day and all the clerk had to do was simply open the box after she alerted the authorities. “So she wasn’t going to chase him after he ran out the door,” Jost said.The police recognized the individuals name from other incidents and proceeded to his residence on E. Monroe Ave.

“This is one of the stupidest crimes I’ve ever seen,” Jost said.

Multiple of security cameras on the store’s property at 696 Grand Ave., recorded Piering’s actions.

The officers found Piering in his home appearing drunk the complaint says. Despite Piering turning over the stolen liquor, he struggled with the authorities when they attempted to arrest him.

Piering was charged with misdemeanor retail theft, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct in Washington County Circuit Court.

Piering prohibited by the judge from entering B&S Liquor and to maintain absolute sobriety as conditions of his release on a $750 signature bond.

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