Pepie The Monster Of Lake Pepin

the monster of lake pepin

Lake Pepin

Does Lake Pepin have a  resident sea monster?

Lake Pepin and it’s surrounding area is easily one of the most scenic places in Wisconsin.A natural widening of the Mississippi river,Lake Pepin stretches from Bay City in the north to Pepin in the south.It is the largest lake on the Mississippi river.

It’s also allegedly home to Pepie,the areas famous legendary lake monster.

Legends of a lake monster in Pepin go all the way back to the Native American Dakota people indigenous to the area.Their folklore tell of a creature or creatures that would rise up and put holes in the bottoms of their birch bark canoes.The Dakota would only travel on the lake with wooden dug out canoes.

Descriptions of the creature vary from being the size of an elephant to being eel like,and over six feet long.

The earliest reported sighting is from the French explorer Father Louis Hennepin in the 1600’s with sightings continuing to the present day.

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