John Muir's Desk Clock

John Muir’s Desk Clock

Naturalist, author, and father of the Nation Parks system, John Muirs legacy is well anchored in American history. But did you know about his peculiar desk-clock invention?

p.o.w.'s working a cranberry bog

Wisconsin World War II P.O.W. Camps

How did Wisconsin end up with 20,000 German P.O.W.’s? Wisconsin played her part in World War II and the people of the state certainly sacrificed with it’s dearest blood. Over 322,000 Wisconsinites served during...

p.o.w.'s working a cranberry bog

List Of Wisconsin P.O.W. Camps

The list of the 37 World War II Wisconsin prisoner of war camps. Camp Antigo Camp Barron Camp Bayfield Camp Beaver Dam

What Happened To Ed Gein’s Car?

If there’s one Wisconsin resident that comes to mind for infamy, it’s Ed Gein. There aren’t too many Wisconsin residents more notorious than Ed Gein. His chilling story has been told and re-told for...

Otis Redding Madison

Otis Redding dies enroute to Madison Wi.

Otis Redding’s Beachcraft H-18 crashes into Lake Monona on December 10th, 1967. Writing about great losses and sorrowful events can be difficult. Where does one begin a story where the world loses a musical...

Edmund Fitgerald

The Edmund Fitzgerald Embarks From Superior WI.

November 9,1975,the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald departs from Superior Wisconsin. The Edmund Fitzgerald was known as “The Queen Of The Great Lakes.” At 729 feet long, 75 feet wide, and launched on June 7, 1958,...