Milwaukee Rooftop Has Welcome To Cleveland On It.

Welcome To Milwaukee hehehe

In a stunning display of level 10 Midwestern smart ass, an artist who lives near Milwaukee’s airport paints “Welcome To Cleveland” on his rooftop.

Milwaukee photographer and artist Mark Gubin has a sense of humor. He’s obviously a master of the art of messing with people too. After realizing his South Delaware Avenue studio was in the flight path of airliners coming into Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport he decided to have a little fun with the planes passengers.

Twenty seven years ago armed with some white paint and a paint roller or two, Gubin painted the welcome message designed to confuse the incoming air travelers. There is no way of knowing how many people have been befuddled by the rooftop welcome throughout the years but if there was a Mid-West smart ass committee that handed out awards, Mark Gubin would get the Oscar equivalent for lifetime achievement.

Mr.Gubin, Infamous Wisconsin salutes you.

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