List Of Haunted Wisconsin Locations

Haunted Wisconsin

Haunted Wisconsin

Haunted locations in Wisconsin.

This list is by no means complete.Check back for updates and new locations!

Many places on this list are private property and require the owners permission to enter or are areas closed to the public during certain hours.Respect the owners authority and abide by the law.No trespassing.


BarabooThe Phantom Hitchhiker.Reports of a hitchhiker wearing a ragged army jacket appearing and re-appearing along Hwy.12 Between the Dells and Baraboo.

Beaver Dam-The Beaver Dam Community Theater.A young actress named Lacy allegedly hung herself in the theater.Reports of hearing footsteps and a young girl weeping in the loft of the theater.

Caledonia-Oak Creek Bridge.The ghost of a little boy who drowned in Oak Creek in the 1970’s is reported to be seen walking in the woods at night.

Coon Valley-DiSciascio’s Restaurant.A ghost named Mary is reported to be haunting this location.

Delafield-Natosha House & Seminary.Allegedly a wife hung her husband who was attending the seminary so she could continue her affair with the Dean and made it look like a suicide.Suicide is a sin in the eyes of the church and the husband was refused burial in the cemetery.The wife confessed to the murder on her deathbed.The husband can be seen roaming the grounds searching for justice for his unjust death.

Eau ClaireThe Kjer Theater.Earl Kjer is said to be haunting his theater.Flickering lights,lost props and uncooperative curtains are said to be Earl’s doing.Reportedly he can also be seen sitting in the theater seats.

Elk Lake-Mary Schlais was found murdered in 1974 in the Elk Lake area.The young girl is thought to be a hitchiker and was dumped by her killer in the rural area near Elk Lake.Reports of a glowing apparition or Mary,strange noises and lights are attributed to this tragic unsolved murder case.

Fond du Lac-St.Mary’s Springs Seminary.reportedly haunted by a nun and her baby.When the nun gave birth to her stillborn child she allegedly stabbed herself with a cross.The baby can be still be heard crying at night.

Genoa-Big River Restaurant.The ghost of the former owner Kenny is said to play with the light switches,hide dishes,drink the coffee and keep the television on CNN.If someone changes the channel while Kenny is present,the television changes back to CNN.

Hales Corners-Whitnall Park.A young woman holding a baby allegedly can be seen near the waterfall and then disappear into the woods.A baby crying is also said to heard.

Hilbert-Hilbert Road.Between the hours of Midnight and 5 a.m. a father in search of his daughter who was murdered in the 1900’s can be see standing under a tree or wandering up and down the road with a lantern searching for her.

Jefferson-Paradise Road.Strange robed figures in the woods,screams and an eerie presence have been reported here.

Kenosha-Kemper Hall.In the 1800’s this was a Catholic school for girls.Nuns are said to still be seen looking out the windows.

Kewaunee-The Karsten Inn.The apparitions of Mr.Karsten,a juvenile male,a woman and a unknown man are said to be haunting this location.Breaking glass,the sound of a child running and whispering voices can allegedly be heard.

LaCrosse-The Bodega Brew Pub.This location is said to be haunted by it’s former owner Paul Malin who died in the Pub in 1901.Unexplained noises,boxes in the basement getting stacked and re-stacked,cold chills and patrons getting tapped on the back when no one is there is said to be the work of Malin’s ghost.Apparitions floating around the bar and the sounds of women’s high heel shoes in the basement have also been reported.

Lake Delton-Ringling Road.Stories of a apparition of a woman near the well  after midnight have been reported.

Land ‘O Lakes-Summerwind Mansion.The most famous of all Wisconsin hauntings.Summerwind has a long history of ghosts.Moving shadows,whispering voices,moving objects and strange orbs have all been reported at this location.For more about Summerwind Mansion click here.

Madison-The American Exchange Bank Building.One of the oldest buildings on the Capitol Square and built in 1871,the ghosts of a hotel waitress and her lover are said to be seen embracing through the upper windows.

Madison-The University Club.The Club served as a infirmary during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.The apparition named Bob is said to have died there during this time and is the culprit of mischievous antics like opening cabinet and refrigerator doors and moving tables.

Madison-The State Capitol Building.Doors opening by themselves and footsteps have been reported on the south wing’s fourth floor.

ManitowocSt.Nazianz.Ghosts of Nuns and screaming children have been reported at this location.

Menomonie-Tainter Hall,U.W.Stout.Reports of kitchen appliances turning themselves on and off and lost items being found in the freezer.

Milwaukee-Brumder Mansion.The sister of George Brumder allegedly haunts her bedroom.She reportedly doesn’t like changes to the mansion or animals.

Milwaukee-Humphrey Hall,Marquette University.A former children’s hospital.Children laughing,crying,singing and screaming along with apparitions of children have been reported at this location.

Milwaukee-The Rave/Eagles Ballroom.Originally a athletic club.A teenage male drowned in the basement pool in 1927.Reports of voices,cold chills,shadowy figures in the basement.A heavy scent of chlorine can be smelled by some at the abandoned pool,which was drained decades ago.Objects being thrown from the roof when the building is unoccupied is also reported to happen at this location.

Milwaukee-Grant Park/Seven Bridges.Several suicides have been committed in Grant Park and allegedly between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. during a full moon,you will see odd lights in the trees,hear terrifying screams coming from the woods,footsteps on the trail and a apparition that will appear if you stand on one of the bridges.The park closes at 10:pm. and is regularly patrolled by law enforcement.You WILL be cited if you’re in the park after closing time.

Mineral Point-The Walker House.In 1842,William Caffee was hanged in public outside the Inn after shooting a man during an argument over a horse.Cold chills,strange voices,doors that open on their own,objects being moved from one area to another and a apparition seen mostly on the third floor are all attributed to Caffee’s ghost.One of Wisconsin’s most famous hauntings.

Nekoosa-The Old Alexander Middle School.Reports of apparitions of a janitor with a little girl,lights being seen in the third floor windows at night when the building is empty and the smell of cigars in vacant areas.

Oshkosh-The Grand Opera House.Considered to be one of Wisconsin’s most haunted locations,the ghost of longtime stage manager Percy Keene is said to be haunting the opera house.Footsteps leading to the balcony,Percy peering out of the second story windows and Percy smiling from the balcony along with a long dead guard dog that’s still guarding the theater have all been reported.

Oshkosh-Winnebago State Mental Hospital.Originally called Asylum Point.At 1 a.m.,the ghost of Rufus,a man who hung himself can allegedly been seen in one of Sherman Hall’s vestibules.

Portage-Church Road.At night it is said that girl hanging from a tree and unexplained shadows moving from one grave to another can be seen in the cemetery at the end of Church Road.

Potosi-On the hill behind the old Brunner’s Food Center it is said that a apparition of a man dressed in old style miner clothes with a pickaxe over his shoulder can be seen walking on the hill after dark.

Rhinelander-Molly’s Rock.Legend has it that Molly was killed by a drunk driver near the rock and if you sit on the rock with a alcoholic beverage,Molly will push you off.The rock was reduced to rubble by the town due to juvenile activity there.

Sheboygan-The First Star Bank.The ghost of a former janitor named Duke is said to be haunting the bank.Duke is said to open doors,rattle door knobs and move objects from one place to another.

Spooner-The Hammill House.Reportedly haunted by the ghost of politician,mayor and newspaperman Frank Hammill.Frank is said to be the source of strange voices and sounds.

Stockbridge-Joe Road.It’s said this road was built on a Native American Burial ground and if you stop your car,a apparition of a Native American named Joe will push your vehicle uphill to the end of the road.If you dust your vehicle with a powder,handprints can be seen on your vehicle after it was pushed.

Waukesha-The Whittier Elementary School.Strange smells,malfunctioning clocks and doors that swing open on their own have been reported at this location.A girl who died there in 1991 also said to be seen in the girls lavatory.

Check back for updates and remember,if you know of any haunted areas in Wisconsin and want to share,feel free to contact us!









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