Intoxicated Waukesha man believes sex with goats is a Constitutional right.


A 41 year old Waukesha Wi. man was arrested for disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon after he harassed patrons of a Waukesha bar on June 13,2013 claiming that having sex with a goat is a constitutional right

Shaun Keith Orris of Waukesha after having perhaps a few too many at the Montecito Ristorante Lounge,a local waterhole in Waukesha.According to the complaint,he went around to the patrons asking if “Do you think it’s a right to *&%$ a goat”.Apparently Mr.Orris was unaware that bestiality is illegal in Wisconsin.After complaints by the patrons,the bar owner asked Orris to leave.

Can you guess what happens next?Yup.It turned violent.Violence over sex with goats.

Orris refused to leave the establishment which led to a physical altercation leaving Orris with a cut on his head.But he doesn’t stop there.Nope.Orris goes back to his home and returns with a 5 inch pocket knife to continue the argument with a sense of new found authority.Orris himself called Law Enforcement claiming he was “battered and bloodied”.

The cops obviously were not impressed.In fact after being taken to a hospital to tend to his wounds,Orris began screaming it was his constitutional right to have sex with goats.He then broke out laughing.

The Police,not being the type easily confused,believe alcohol played a factor in Orris’s behaviour.

Shaun Keith Orris faces one year in prison and a fine of up to $11,000 or both in convicted.

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