High speed chase involving cops and a donut truck.


Campus police chase stolen donut truck through the streets of Madison Wisconsin.

In the early morning of November 24,2007, the city of Madison and University of Wisconsin police departments engaged in a high speed chase of a donut delivery truck ending with the arrest of the thief.

No one was harmed in the incident but dozens of donuts tragically had their tasty goodness spilled needlessly on the streets of the state’s capital city.

Law Enforcement responded to a report made by the delivery driver that his Krispy Kreme truck was stolen while he was making a delivery at the Open Pantry near the University Of Wisconsin.A campus police officer spotted the truck and engaged in a pursuit of the stolen vehicle.While the chase was happening,the truck stopped and backed into the police cruiser.A second UW officer then continued the pursuit.

A Madison Police Officer observed the donut truck driving past him.After attempts were made to stop the vehicle,a second pursuit on University Avenue was engaged with speeds reaching over 80 mph.The driver then crossed the median and stopped in a neighborhood apartment complex.At this point the driver surrendered.Here is the dashcam footage of the incident.

Crandon resident Warren G. Whitelightning was charged in Dane County Circuit court with multiple criminal offenses and traffic violations.I hope he’s thankful it was only donuts that were hurt and not innocent people.

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