Elvis breaks up a street fight in Madison

The King of Rock ‘n Roll stops a fight in Madison Wisconsin 1977

These days a car dealership occupies the corner of East Washington and Stoughton Rd., but in 1977 there was a service station called the Skylane Standard Service. The owner had recently fired a youth for stealing and a fight erupted between the owners son, Keith Lowery Jr., and two other youths including the one who was fired for theft.

Elvis Presley had just arrived in Madison Wisconsin on June 24th, for a show. On his way to the Sheraton he spotted the struggle between the three youths. Ordering the driver to stop at the Skylane Standard then located at 1506 N.Stoughton Rd, and still wearing his stage outfit under a D.E.A. jumpsuit from a previous the nights concert in Des Moines, IA,.

After Elvis exited his limo he said, “All right, I’ll take you on.” The surprised youths who immediately stopped fighting as soon as they realized who he was. Presley stayed until the situation cooled down. “Is everything settled now?” Elvis asked before shaking hands of some onlookers and returning to his limousine. Reportedly, Elvis was amused by the reaction he received. “Did you see those guy’s faces?” he said as he resumed his trip to the Sheraton.

On August 16th,1977, Elvis died at home, Graceland. Just 52 days later after the incident.

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