Cheating husband gets his penis superglued to his stomach by angry women,wife.


Chilton Wi. 2009

Cheating husband can’t keep his penis in one place. Wife and girlfriends decide to help by super gluing it to his stomach.

After discovering her husband was cheating on her with as many as 5 different women, Tracy Hood-Davis thought her husband Donessa Davis needed help keeping it out of trouble.

With the help of three of the women Donessa was cheating with, Therese Ziemann, 47, Wendy Sewell, 44 and Michelle Belliveau, 43, Tracy concocted a plan to lure Donessa to a Chilton motel where he was to recieve a massage from Ziemann. Allowing himself to be tied up and blindfolded and expecting the loving attention of Ziemann, Donessa was treated instead to his wife and the three other women seeking to exact revenge for his infidelity. According to the police report Donessa’s underwear was cut off and superglue was applied to his male appendage.
After taunting his and slapping his face the women the victim started screaming. The women then fled with his cell phone, wallet, and car.

Donessa told police Ziemann pointed a gun at him, punched him in the face saying “You’re lucky they will not let me shoot.”
Mr.Davis sustained a black eye according to the police report.
Ziemann told police she met the man on Craigslist and he paid for the motel room where they met for sex over a two month period. Ziemann said her actions where spur of the moment and fueled by finding her 12 year old daughters phone number in Mr.Davis’s possession. “I had just found my daughter’s number in his cell phone,” she said outside a Calumet County courtroom. “It was just a warning from me to him, to stay away from the kids.”

Each of the women where charged with false imprisonment and Zeimann had been additionally charged with sexual assault and battery.

All four women received a sentence of one year probation and community service.

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