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The Barbara Hoffman Murders.

Every city has an underbelly. Madison is no different. It’s the city where the state capitol resides. It’s home to one of the finest learning institutions in the world. It’s even a constant entry...

John Muir's Desk Clock

John Muir’s Desk Clock

Naturalist, author, and father of the Nation Parks system, John Muirs legacy is well anchored in American history. But did you know about his peculiar desk-clock invention?

Otis Redding Madison

Otis Redding dies enroute to Madison Wi.

Otis Redding’s Beachcraft H-18 crashes into Lake Monona on December 10th, 1967. Writing about great losses and sorrowful events can be difficult. Where does one begin a story where the world loses a musical...

thong cape scooter man

Thong Cape Scooter Man

If you’re a Madison Wisconsin native there’s a chance you’ve seen him.A mysterious figure on a scooter wearing a cape,a thong and a smile.