Belle Boyd infamous civil war confederate spy is buried is buried in Wisconsin Dells

Belle Boyd

Belle Boyd (Wiki Commons)


Famous Confederate Spy, Belle Boyd Died In Wisconsin Dells.

Belle Boyd was born May 9th, 1844, in Martinsburg West Virginia. Martinsburg, then still part Virginia, is where she first shot and killed a Union soldier in her family home at age 17. Belle began her career as a spy by passing information to Confederate officers by gaining the confidence of Union officers with her charms to coax military secrets out of them.

After the war, Boyd moved to England and married several times. She returned to the U.S. and toured the country giving lectures on her time as a spy. While touring, Belle Boyd suffered a fatal heart attack in Kilbourn city, now known as Wisconsin Dells, at the age of 56 on June 11, 1900.

Boyd is buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Wisconsin Dells.

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