The Beast Of Bray Road


Is there a mysterious creature lurking in the wilds of Wisconsin?

Legends of Werewolves are commonplace in just about every culture on earth. Both Native Americans and Europeans have such creatures sprinkled throughout their folklore. The Dogman, a large fur covered creature who is said to roam the woodlands of Wisconsin and Michigan, has been a common tale for well over 100 years. Is the Beast Of Bray Road an extension of these tales or is it something new and menacing in the Wisconsin wild?

The beast was first reported in 1989 on Bray Rd., outside of Elkhorn in Walworth County. The creature is normally described as being over six feet tall, 600-700 lbs., covered in grey and brownish fur with a wolf like snout, pointed ears, and large human like hands. One woman’s account added that the creature had yellow glowing eyes. Reports of similar werewolf like creatures in southeastern Wisconsin go back at least as far as 1936.

Sightings of the Beast Of Bray Road peaked in the 2000’s, with over eight sightings occurring both day and night. A local hunter and sportsman claims to have seen the creature five times. The beastĀ even became the subject of a 2005 movie. Cryptozoologists who have investigated the area have turned up no concrete evidence of such a creature. Skeptics believe the witnesses are misidentifying a black bear or a wolf as the beast. The witnesses counter the skeptics that this was no common animal that can be found in the Wisconsin wild that they’d ever seen. Nobody knows for sure what these people saw: was it a bear? was it a wolf? Or was it something far more terrifying?


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